Snacky Chicken Tips And Tricks – Everything You Need To Know

snacky chicken tips

Snacky chicken tips and tricks

Do go through these to get perfect results…

  • How to boil and shred chicken? To do so, put a chicken breast in a pressure cooker with ½ cup water. Pressure cook to give 2 whistles and then keep on low heat for 2 minutes. Remove from fire. After the pressure drops, break the meat into small pieces. 1 chicken breast will give about ½ cup cooked chicken.
  • To make dry bread crumbs at home, dry bread slices in the sun for 2-3 days and grind to get crumbs. For instant crumbs, tear 2-3 slices of bread and spread in a micro-proof plate. Microwave for 2 minutes. Turn the bread a little and microwave for 1 more minute. Let them stand for 5 minutes to get dry. Grind in a mixer to get crumbs.
  • Keep bread crumbs in an airtight bottle in the fridge. They tend to harbor insects in a warm place. Similarly, store plain flour and semolina in the fridge.
  • For getting a crisp coating on cutlets or rolls, dip prepared snack in a thin batter of flour & water and then roll in dry bread crumbs. Fry till well browned.
  • In the absence of bread crumbs, a mixture of ¼ cup plain flour and ½ cup semolina may be used to get a crisp coating.
  • You may add some seasoning to the coating mixture. Finely chopped coriander or parsley or roughly crushed peppercorns or sesame seeds or poppy seeds etc. when added to bread crumbs give a different look to the snack. Remember to add a pinch of salt too. Sometimes a little tandoori red color or turmeric powder added to the coating mix gives a nice color to the snack instead of the usual brown.
  • If your rolls fall apart, quickly tear 1-2 slices of bread and grind in a mixer to get fresh bread crumbs. Add it to the mixture for binding.
  • Never start frying in smoking hot oil as it will turn the snack black. Never fry in cold oil also as the snack may fall apart or it may soak a lot of oil.
  • All boneless tikka recipes can be made with chicken with bones. Increase the ¼ quantity of the marinade and all the other ingredients also, if using chicken with bones and grill for a little longer, for about 20 minutes at least.
  • For tikkas or grilled chicken, cut the pieces of food according to space in between the wires of the grill. If the distance between the wires of the rack is too wide, and there is a chance of your piece slipping, then cover the wire rack with a well-greased aluminum foil.
  • The size of the tikkas should not be too small because after getting cooked they shrink. A very small piece after getting cooked can turn hard after some time.
  • While skewering or placing pieces of chicken, mutton, fish or even vegetable for grilling, the pieces should be arranged such that there is at least 1″ gap between them so that each piece can get it’s own space and heat all around to get cooked properly.
  • Always place the tikkas or the kebabs on the grill or on the wire rack and never directly on a tray.
  • Sometimes a little tandoori red color or turmeric powder added to the coating mix gives a nice color to the snack instead of the usual brown.
  • Some recipes have black or royal cumin. In the absence of it, substitute ½ tsp of regular cumin seeds for every tsp of black or royal cumin as the regular jeera has a stronger flavor.
  • For deep frying any snack, add small quantities to the oil at one time. This maintains the oil’s temperature. If too many pieces are added together, the oil turns cold and a lot of oil is then absorbed by the snack.
  • After deep frying, let the oil cool down. Add a little quantity of fresh oil to the used oil before reusing. This prevents the oil from discoloring.